Hello! I'm Eveline, a freelance motion designer with experience across agencies, production companies, and game studios. My background includes collaborating on projects for renowned brands like Microsoft, Paramount, Github, and Oracle. I hold a design degree from UFPE in Brazil and pursued further studies in Motion Media Design at SCAD, having lived in places like New York and São Paulo.

In my recent role as the Creative Development Chair for SIGGRAPH 2022 and 2023, I managed projects, ensuring the creation of on-brand trailers and contributing to the production of long-form videos like the Electronic Theater and Papers Fast Forward.

My unique experience working at Underknown fostered a strong interest in educational content and products, so I am particularly interested in those projects with an educational focus.

I'm enthusiastic about bringing my skills to your next project. Let's connect and get started on something great!

What I do
Toolkit development for content production at scale
2D and 3D design and animation
Direction and project management

Cinema 4D (Octane, Redshift, Arnold), After Effects, VS Code

Young Talent For Science 2013-2014 (#1 of 2 approved students out of hundreds), issued by CAPES
BSMP Scholarship at SCAD, issued by CAPES
Winter 2016 SCAD's Dean's List
Spring 2016 SCAD's Dean's List
The Rookies 2017 - Draft Selection
The Rookies 2017 - Rookie of The Year Finalist

Featured at
2015-2016 - Several projects featured at SCAD's communications, demo reels, etc
2016 - Digital Graffiti Alys Beach, FL - Friday Night Curator’s Tour
2018 - SIGGRAPH Vancouver - Interactive Video Wall, Electronic Theater, PFF, Trailers, Call for Submissions
2019 - SIGGRAPH Los Angeles - Electronic Theater, Conference Brand, Trailers, and other graphics packages
2019 - UFPE's Movie Theater - 4k Theatrical Intro
2020 - SIGGRAPH (virtual) - Brand Packages and other projects
2021 - SIGGRAPH (virtual) - Brand Packages and other projects
2022 - SIGGRAPH Vancouver
2023 - SIGGRAPH Los Angeles

Presentations and Panels
2017 - Principles of Animation with Adobe After Effects - Workshop presented with Rafael Senhorinho - VII Semana Integra CAA
2021 - SIGGRAPH - CG in Latin America Panel with Santiago Caicedo and Julián Calderon, mediated by Santiago Echeverry. This panel discussed multiple perspectives on the current Latin American Computer Graphics industry.
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