Heyo! I'm a multidisciplinary designer particularly focused on Motion Design, both for communication and as a means to enhance interaction with digital products. I aim to bridge the gap between idea and technical implementation, by working alongside designers, business analysts and software engineers.

In late 2019 I founded ND-Frames, a workshop focused on delivering content and products that connects people to their favorite brands. ND-Frames stands for "no dead frames", something that Austin Shaw, a former professor of mine, always used to say in our design critiques, but it also stands for "N-Dimensional" in the Pandas library (for data analysis with python). It just encapsulates two passions of mine, motion design and analytical research. Me and my partners envision ND-Frames to be a place where creative people are allowed to be creative and independent, in order to help our clients with their on-demand projects at the best of our abilities.

Available worldwide 🤝 say hi
Honors ⚡️​​​​​​​
The Rookies 2017 - Draft Selection
The Rookies 2017 - Rookie of The Year Finalist
SCAD's Dean's List
BSMP Scholarship at SCAD, issued by CAPES
Young Talent For Science 2013-2014 (#1 of 2 approved students out of hundreds), issued by CAPES

Featured at 🔥
2015-2016 - Several projects featured at SCAD's communications, demo reels, etc
2016 - Digital Graffiti Alys Beach, FL - Friday Night Curator’s Tour
2018 - SIGGRAPH Vancouver - Interactive Video Wall, Electronic Theater, PFF, Trailers, Call for Submissions
2019 - SIGGRAPH Los Angeles - Electronic Theater, Conference Brand, Trailers and other graphics packages
2019 - UFPE's Movie Theater - 4k Theatrical Intro
2020 - SIGGRAPH (virtual) - Brand Packages and other projects
2021 - SIGGRAPH (virtual) - Brand Packages and other projects
2022 - SIGGRAPH Vancouver
Talks and Panels 🎤
2021 - SIGGRAPH - CG in Latin America Panel with Santiago Caicedo and Julián Calderon, mediated by Santiago Echeverry. This panel discussed multiple perspectives on the current Latin American Computer Graphics industry.
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