Motion Designer graduated with a BFA on Industrial Design/Visual Communication from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). I also attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) for one year as an exchange student, studying Motion Media Design, surrounded by the most inspiring faculty and dedicated students of the globe... Once a 🐝 always a 🐝!

I'm on a mission to constantly improve my craft and develop time-saving production techniques. Experience from different disciplines enhances and guide my ideas. In a team, I'm able to articulate my ideas clearly and collaboratively, stand by my methodologies and I'm always prepared to be challenged! Sometimes I make silly puns and jokes no one understands. 🤓

Available worldwide 🤝 say hi 💌 
2D motion graphics
3D motion graphics
UX Motion Design and AE Scripting
Honors ⚡️​​​​​​​
The Rookies 2017 - Draft Selection
The Rookies 2017 - Rookie of The Year Finalist
SCAD's Dean's List
BSMP Scholarship at SCAD, issued by CAPES
Young Talent For Science 2013-2014 (#1 of 2 approved students out of hundreds), issued by CAPES

Featured at 🔥
2016 - Digital Graffiti Alys Beach, FL - Friday Night Curator’s Tour
2018 - SIGGRAPH Vancouver - Interactive Video Wall, Electronic Theater, PFF, Trailers, Call for Submissions
2019 - SIGGRAPH Los Angeles - Electronic Theater, Conference Brand, Trailers and other graphics packages
2019 - UFPE's Movie Theater - 4k Theatrical Intro
2020 - SIGGRAPH Washington, DC - Brand Packages and WIP projects (stay tuned 👀)
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